AUTHOR INFORMATION - Accepted papers

List of accepted papers

4 Dynamic Asymmetric Communication,
T. Gagie

10 Election in the Qualitative World,
J. Chalopin

11 Distance-k information in self-stabilizing algorithms,
W. Goddard, S. Hedetniemi, D. Jacobs, V. Trevisan

15 An optimal rebuilding strategy for a decremental tree problem,
N. Thibault, C. Laforest

21 Minimum Energy Broadcast and Disk Cover in Grid Wireless Networks,
A. Clementi, T. Calamoneri, M. Di Ianni, M. Lauria, A. Monti, R. Silvestri

22 Discovering Network Topology in the Presence of Byzantine Faults,
M. Nesterenko, S. Tixeuil

26 Local Algorithms for Autonomous Robot Systems,
R. Cohen, D. Peleg

29 Optimal Delay for Media-on-Demand with Pre-loading and Pre-buffering,
A. Bar-Noy, R. Ladner, T. Tamir

30 L(h,1,1)-Labeling of Outerplanar Graphs,
T. Calamoneri, E. Fusco, R. Tan, P. Vocca

31 Fast Deterministic Distributed Algorithms for Sparse Spanners,
B. Derbel, C. Gavoille

33 Approximate Top-k Queries in Sensor Networks,
A. Shafrir, B. Patt-Shamir

38 3-D Minimum Energy Broadcasting,
A. Navarra

44 Strongly Terminating Early-Stopping set Agreement, in Synchronous Systems with General Omissions
C. Travers, P. Raipin Parvedy, M. Raynal

45 How to meet in anonymous network,
A. Malinowski, D. Kowalski

47 On Fractional Dynamic Faults with Threshold,
S. Dobrev, R. Kralovic, R. Kralovic, N. Santoro

50 Distributed Chasing of Network Intruders by Mobile Agents,
P. Fraigniaud, L. Blin, N. Nisse, S. Vial

53 On the Existence of Truthful Mechanisms for the Minimum-cost Approximated Shortest-paths Tree Problem,
Davide Bilo, Luciano Guala, and Guido Proietti

57 Setting Port Numbers for Fast Graph Exploration,
D. Ilcinkas

60 Combinatorial Algorithms for Compressed Sensing,
G. Cormode, S. Muthukrishnan

61 Efficient Distributed Weighted Matchings on Trees,
J. Hoepman, S. Kutten, Z. Lotker

64 Approximation Strategies for Routing Edge Disjoint Paths in Complete Graphs,
A. Kosowski

67 Average-time complexity of gossiping in radio networks,
B. Chlebus, D. Kowalski, M. Rokicki

68 Self-Stabilizing Space Optimal Synchronization Algorithms on Trees,
D. Bein, A. Datta, L. Larmore

69 Short Labels by Traversal and Jumping,
N. Bonichon, A. Labourel, C. Gavoille

AUTHOR INFORMATION - Accepted papers