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The proceedings will be published in the LNCS series of Springer Verlag. In order for the proceedings to be available at the conference, it is vital that you deliver your final version no later than April 14, 2006. Please, adhere strictly to the guidelines of LNCS Springer. If possible, use the macros provided. The page limit is 15 pages.

According to the Springer policy, your submission should contain a printable version of your paper (pdf) and all source files (TeX, images, etc.) sent via e-mail to the address Also, a signed copy of the copyright form should be send by surface mail to the address below. Please, make sure that the postal delivery will be no later than April 14, 2006. All details concerning the submission can be found at the LNCS Springer page.


Leszek Gasieniec
Department of Computer Science
The University of Liverpool
Chadwick Building, Peach Street
Liverpool L69 7ZF, United Kingdom

Phone: ++ (44 151) 794 3686
Phone: ++ (44 151) 794 7910
Fax : ++ (44 151) 794 3715


Final version APRIL 14, 2006
Symposium JULY 3-5, 2006

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